300 HR Yoga Teacher Training

Join us on a journey through the 5 Elements and a deep dive into the science of life, Ayurveda. This training is meant for those who already have a 200-hour yoga certification. This is a one year program with 15 weekends of training. 

Not only will you receive a 300-hour yoga certification but will also receive your Ayurveda Yoga Specialist certification with Kathryn Templeton. The Ayurveda Yoga Specialist training is certified through the 5000 year tradition from the Himalayan Institute and National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA). 

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October 2020


November 2020

Philosophy/5 Elements


January 2021  

Earth Element/Asana

February 2021

Ayurveda Basics

March 2021

   Water Element/Asana & Intro to Sanskrit

April  2021

Ayurveda in the Classroom


May 2021 

Fire Element/Asana

June  2021

Ethics/Ayurveda Practicum

July  2021

Air Element/Asana

August 2021

Ether Element/ Asana

September 2021

Trauma Aware Yoga

October 2021


November 2021

5 Divine Deities

January 2022 

Yoga for All Bodies

February 2022

Yoga Ayurveda



Students entering this program must have a 200-hour yoga certification. 


Pay the $200 application/administration fee below. Send in completed application with a copy of your 200-hour yoga certification. Pay the non-refundable $200 application/administration fee below. 



The cost of tuition is $5,225 + $200.00 application/administrative fee for a total of $5,425.00. Payment plans are available. This also covers your tuition for your Ayurveda Yoga Specialist certification. 

We also offer payment plans. Tuition is divided up between the 15 weekends of training. After initial $200 application/administrative fee is paid your first payment will be due September 30th, 2019. Please contact if you have questions. 


There are also a book list and supply list that you will need to purchase. You will not need all your books at once so you can space them out over the course of the training. 


Meet The Faculty

Pamela Higley



Lead Trainer


Pamela is an experienced Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist dedicated to enriching the lives of others through the practices of Yoga and Ayurveda. She first began her practice over 18 years ago when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 25.  Seeing the positive effects of her practice on her health, she attended her first training and started teaching in 2007. Pamela is a teacher of flow, incorporating the teachings of Vinyasa Krama, Ayurveda, and Pranayama. She teaches weekly classes, leads workshops and retreats, and is very happy to have SKY as her home to lead her 200 hr Pamela Higley Yoga Teacher Training Program.  Her approach to teaching is joyful and light and you will most likely find yourself laughing now and again in her classes. Pamela is passionate about her work and the joy that yoga brings to her students. 

Elizabeth Grasher,



Trauma Aware Yoga

Elizabeth “Liz” Grasher, M.S., LMHC, LMFT, 200RYT is a yoga teacher, adjunct professor, and therapist. She first started practicing yoga over 10 years ago, which eventually lead her on the journey to become a yoga teacher. Liz believes yoga provides flexibility and strength for the mind and body. She aims to provide students a safe space to practice yoga, leaving class feeling balanced both mentally and physically.  Liz is a provider for Connected Warriors Trauma Conscious yoga on Joint Base Lewis McChord. 

Claudette Evans





Claudette is a self-described yoga nerd and came to Sanskrit through of her love of singing, chanting and yoga philosophy. Her formal study began in 2010 with the American Sanskrit Institute's Weekend Immersion, which lit the flame for her independent study using ASI's Sanskrit by CD program, and attending workshops led by ASI-trained teachers. She now studies with Zoe Mai, and completed the ASI Apprenticeship Program with her in October 2014. Claudette enjoys chanting and studying classic texts, like the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras of Patañjali, and the grammar and philosophy found within. She shares the beauty of Sanskrit in her weekly classes, in workshops and yoga teacher trainings around the Pacific Northwest and in Canada.