Transition: to change from one state to another.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we are in transition from summer to fall, and although the fall equinox has come and gone we are still transitioning weather-wise; some days are cool and others almost summer like. The wind and irregular weather are both things to pay attention to during this Vata Season – what Ayurveda refers to this time of year as.

Cold, dry, rough, irregular, and mobile are all qualities of the Vata Season. What you see and feel outside, you may also feel internally, both mentally and physically. During this transitional season it’s not uncommon to find yourself feeling anxious, forgetful, or even more worrisome than normal. You may also notice your skin and throat are dry, and you’...

Looking out my window on this 4th day of October you would not think you were in the Pacific Northwest. The high today is nearly 70. However the low is 39, with much of the same for the rest of the week. Don’t let the sunshine fool you. According to the Ayurveda seasonal clock we are in the midst of Vata Season. Although sunny it is getting cold at night and you’ll notice a subtle breeze scattering those fall leaves. Be warned the traditional cooler and rainier days of the PNW are just around the corner.

What is “Vata” anyway? Vata contains the element of air and ether. The qualities of these elements are cold, drying, light, rough, and mobile. This is the time that kids are heading back to school and the hustle and bustle in households gets ramp...

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