Transition: to change from one state to another.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we are in transition from summer to fall, and although the fall equinox has come and gone we are still transitioning weather-wise; some days are cool and others almost summer like. The wind and irregular weather are both things to pay attention to during this Vata Season – what Ayurveda refers to this time of year as.

Cold, dry, rough, irregular, and mobile are all qualities of the Vata Season. What you see and feel outside, you may also feel internally, both mentally and physically. During this transitional season it’s not uncommon to find yourself feeling anxious, forgetful, or even more worrisome than normal. You may also notice your skin and throat are dry, and you’re a bit congested, and at night you might have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep.

Provided here are just a few ideas to help you stay vibrant and healthy during this Vata Season. Shift to warm cooked meals and nourishing soups made with root vegetables to help ground you. Enjoy warm water with lemon or hot teas to internally heat up and work to limit screen time – especially an hour before bed. Oil your feet and even your scalp at night with sesame oil and add in a little lavender or cedar oil to help with calming and grounding the mind and nervous system.