Tips To Help This Vata Season

Vata is mobile and can aggravate us both physically and mentally with too much movement, so slow down and ground. Try walking barefoot in your yard, and ground into the earth. Feel the dirt, grass, and rocks between your toes. Just a few minutes a day can make all the difference.

Get out in nature. Even just for 5 minutes. If you can go for a walk in a park or the forest, that's even better. Observe the wildlife around you. It's there you just have to slow down and look.

Oil up! If giving yourself an all over oil massage with organic sesame oil seems too much then oil your feet, head, ears, and hands. This can be done in the morning and at night. This will help with dry skin but more importantly this will help to ground you. Help you to feel less scattered and anxious.

Work towards eating seasonally and cooking your meals. This will ease any digestive issues that might come along. Think warm soups and root vegetables. Hot teas and spices that add heat to your foods such as ginger, cumin, and mustard seed.

Spend time sitting and breathing quietly in silence. Start with 5 minutes. If you'd like to, work up to 20 minutes. But do at least 5 minutes daily. This acts as a reset button.

Shut off all electronics 30 minutes, preferably 60 minutes prior to lights out.

Ease into sleep by oiling your feet with warm sesame oil at night to help give you the heaviness needed to help you slip into sleep.

And finally, aim to have lights out by 10 PM and get a good 8 hours of sleep.